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Surface Finishing

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Aluminum Anodizing
Chemicals and Equipment
Powder Coating
Gold Plating

Classic Components, Inc.
offering chrome wheel plating for motorcycles and cars.

Cleveland Metal Cleaning
specialize in sheet and plate batch pickling for descaling and derusting.

Coast Plating Inc.
metal testing, such as hardness, conductivity, penetrant inspection and cleaning of aluminum, titanium and chemical coating for aerospace, commercial and defence industries.

Courter-Hall Metal Finishing
offering anodizing, passivation, chemical film, and more.

Delstar Metal Finishing, Inc.
specializes in electropolishing, passivating, pickling, chemical cleaning, descaling, and mechanical polishing.

Electro-Coatings, Inc
specializing in chrome, electroless nickel, plasma spray, thermal spray and copper coatings. Turning, grinding and polishing also available.

Electroless Nickel Plating of Louisiana, Inc.
corrosion and wear protection, salvage of mis-machined parts on various metals, and heat treating services.

Electrolizing Corporation of Ohio
specializing in precision coating services for medical, aerospace and commercial applications.

Elm Plating Company
metal finisher providing zinc barrel plating and anodizing services.

Embee Incorporated
anodize, IVD, and more.

Erie Plating Company
offers metal finishing services including plating, polishing, anodizing, and other treatments.
source for the finishing industry including technical libraries, products and services, classifieds, and FAQs.

G and S Associates
Teflon suface treatment for bonding.

Galvanisation Industrielle SA - GISA
specializes in electrochemical deposition, including Nickel and Chrome, with capabilities to process large components.

General Galvanizing and Supply Co.
gold/silver plating, electroless nickel, zinc, cadmium, and more.

General Magnaplate Corporation
surface enhancement for metals and other substrates for a variety of uses: outer space, factory floors etc.

Grand Northern Products
distributors for abrasive media, equipment, and services.

Greenfield Finishing
provides a variety of industrial finishes including powder coating, electrocoating, and liquid PVC spraying and dip-molding.

GunBlack, Inc
black oxide and manganese phosphate coatings, gun bluing, and Parkerizing.

Har-Conn Chrome Company
specializing in electroplated, electroless, and anodized coatings.

Hausner Hard-Chrome, Inc.
complete chrome plating, machine shop, and welding services to extend the life of your machinery by protecting and repairing worn, damaged, or mismachined parts.

Hauzer Techno Coating
provides vacuum coating solutions that improve the surface properties of products.

Hayden Corporation
specializes in the application of thermal sprayed coatings, including flame spray/metallizing, HVOF, plasma spray, and thermoplastic, as well as hardfaced weld overlays.

surface enhancement and coating services company.

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