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Agrochemicals and Pesticides
Mushroom and Truffle
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Bamboo and Rattan Products
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Flowers and Plant

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Shiraz Rahkar-Sanaat Cooperation Co.
Cucumber, tomato, garlic and more.

Shenzhen Qinfeng Pesticides Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Lithy Fine Chemical Co., Ltd.
Herbal extracts, health supplements and pharmaceutical.

Shanghai Herbsea Nutraceutical Inc.
The production and processing of herbal extracts.

Taliani Agriculture & Food CORP. LTD
Virgin, pure, refined olive oil.

Shaanxi Jiahe Phytochem Co., Ltd.
Manufacturer, processor and exporter of Chinese Herbal Extracts.

Shanghai Novanat Bioresources Co., Ltd.
Botanical extracts and biological products.

Hangzhou Botanic Industry Co., Ltd.
Manufacturing herbal medicine, herb & natural remedies.

Ningbo Traditional Chinese Pharmaceutical Factory
Herbal extracts.

Tianjin Jianfeng Natural Product R&D Co., Ltd.
Natural plant extracts, including grape seed extract.

Zhejiang Tea Import & Export Co., Ltd.
Trade and service of tea including green teas.

Sanleaf Trading Corp. Ltd.
Black tea, green tea, Pu erh tea, Oolong tea.

Zhejiang Caiyunjian Tea Co., Ltd.
Tea including green tea, black tea.

Elegance Distributors, Inc
Fresh, frozen and dried vegetable and fruit.

Black tea, flavored iced teas, green teas.

Cuppa Choice
Coffee, Tea, Expresso Machine.

Inner Mongolia Nailun Agricultural Science and Technology Co., Ltd.
Potato Starch.

Longkou Shengxing Fruit & Vegetable Co., Ltd.
Fresh fruit and vegetable.

Qingdao Dragon Imp & Exp Co., Ltd.
Fruit and vegetables, nuts,Beeswax,etc.

Alami Agro Industry, PT.
Canned pineapple, pineapple juice.

Freedom Tobacco International, Inc.

Minnan Aquatic Development Co., ltd. Jinjiang City
Squid, Tilapia, Pesenopsis Anomala, Sphyraena Pinguis.

J & R Imports Inc.
Agriculture commodity, fruit, vegetable and meat. sl
Olive oil.

Maps Tuna Ltd.

Global Merchandise trading company
Foodstuffs, pulses and spices.

Real food corporation co., Ltd.
Tropical fruit, coffee and tea.

Della Corporation
Coal rice sugar and more.

Chun Hing Co. Ltd.
Canned food, spices, seasonings, confectionery.

Nagahawatta Export Import
Coconut products.

Sunson Industry Group Co.,Ltd.
Producer and seller of enzymatic and natural products.

The fuyo biotech business CO., LTD.
Fruit and vegetable enzyme in concentration liquid form.

Faith Union Limited
Herbaltech Natural Yunzhi.

Meelunie BV
Starches, sweeteners and vegetable proteins.

Zhejiang Jinhua Zhennong Trade Co., Ltd.

Wuhu Cred Trade Ltd., Corp.
Vegetable, Charcoal.

Farin Missagh Production And Commercial Co. Ltd.
Dried flowers & vegetables, medicinal herbs.

Jining Golden Long Yuan International Trading CO., LTD.
Garlics, Onions, Ginger, Vegetables, Fruits.

LANNA K.A. Corporation Co., Ltd.
Orchid plants, cut flowers, agriculture goods.

Consorcio Santa Clara S.R.L.
Garlic and red, white and Chinese seed garlic.

Flower, spices& furniture.

Qingdao Free Trade Zone Hantone International Trading Co., Ltd.
Pork, rabit, beef, vegetable, fruits and pet food.

Molento Trading BV
Garlic, Fuji apples and Chiness pears.

Ms. Linda Chen (Sales, Vice President Sales)
Seafood, Agricultural.

Shandong Xiwang Group Co., Ltd.
Corn Starch & By-Products, Dextrose & Maltodextrin, Corn Oil Products.

Rosales & Associates
Fruits, soybean, mango, beef and chicken meat and others.

International Fiber Distributors AG.
Vegetable fibers, animal fibers and nylon processing.

Cigerettes, tobacco and olive oil.

Grips & Springs Limited
Export of garlic, potatoe, onion, fruits & Vegetables.

Biko jakub Izbicki
Wholesale trade of agriculture and food.

Total:  60Displaying: 1 - 50Pages: 1 2 >>

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